Positively Motivating A.I. Use in the Workplace

Published in UX Planet, 2019

Recommended citation: McFarlin, L. (2019). "Positively Motivating A.I. Use in the Workplace." UX Planet. https://uxplanet.org/positively-motivating-a-i-use-in-the-workplace-8e06d82a1ab4

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) continues its determined march toward becoming a part of our personal lives and workdays. Sometimes its presence is negligible — it is not there until you access it, like Siri, or it runs unobtrusively, like Spotify. Other times, A.I. is a boogeyman posing a threat to our livelihoods, the intangible enemy waiting to replace us at our jobs. Does it have to be that way, though? [link](https://uxplanet.org/positively-motivating-a-i-use-in-the-workplace-8e06d82a1ab4) Recommended citation: McFarlin, L. (2019). Positively Motivating A.I. Use in the Workplace. UX Planet. Retrieved from https://uxplanet.org/positively-motivating-a-i-use-in-the-workplace-8e06d82a1ab4