Positively Motivating A.I. Use in the Workplace

Published in UX Planet, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) continues its determined march toward becoming a part of our personal lives and workdays. Sometimes its presence is negligible — it is not there until you access it, like Siri, or it runs unobtrusively, like Spotify. Other times, A.I. is a boogeyman posing a threat to our livelihoods, the intangible enemy waiting to replace us at our jobs. Does it have to be that way, though?

Recommended citation: McFarlin, L. (2019). "Positively Motivating A.I. Use in the Workplace." UX Planet.

Transferring Biases to A.I.

Published in, 2018

With the rise of A.I. in our daily lives, questions around what it means for the future of society command our attention. These questions range from inquiries into the nature of humanity, to explorations of the complex effects on economies. And lurking in the collective, a healthy sprinkle of dystopian evil robot overlord fear as a counter-balance.

Recommended citation: McFarlin, L. (2018). "Transferring Biases to A.I."