Talks and presentations

Bridging the Physical and Digital World: Combining UX with Architecture

January 24, 2020

Talk, Concentric Conference 2020, Online

The spaces in which we live, work, and play incorporate various technologies for enhancing interactions within our environments. As UX professionals, we excel at studying technology use and designing to support users, but we may only allocate a comparatively small amount of effort studying environments. However, with more spaces being designed to incorporate smart and/or immersive technologies, opportunities abound for UX professionals to collaborate with architects to understand the design and use of space.

AI: Ethical questions, human interfaces and technology, and the future

March 14, 2019

Talk, Product Strategy and Design Group Chicago, Chicago, IL

As designers, technologist, and business leaders, the promise of artificial intelligence offers us a world of opportunities. At this meet-up our diverse panel of thought leaders will discuss the ethics, human interfaces, technology, and the future of AI.